Moskito Power GIS

Moskito GIS for Electric Network and Distribution


Street lighting

Lines controlling

Broadband cables

House connections

Telecommunication cables


Desirable setting and user-friendly design

Definition of object structure as a data model

Color representation potentials

Digitizing designed elements, intuitive and easy to use

Signature and symbol tables

Data georeferencing


Saving different databases, e.g. Access or
Oracle, in the internal data storage.
Both internal and Oracle-based attribute data
can be added and expanded.


Various options for viewing data
Customizable leaf frames
Manual printing and generating outline plans of changed areas automatically.
Creating thematic maps
Coloring the plans according to the main and sub-stations

Data models and types of plans

Accessibility to the same database in
different data models

Defining different types of plans (e.g., scale-dependent)
and different representations (e.g., line width, symbols)

Object types

Control cable
Street lighting
House connections
Broadband cable
Telecommunication cable
High voltage 60-150 KV
Medium voltage 1-60 KV
Low voltage up to 1 KV


... includes the street lighting app
... calculates thematic maps even low voltage group dynamically
... provides integrated switching database for big data



Power circuits

Catchment areas

Configuration with real switch position


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