The very first license was purchased by NTS in 1996. Since then, we have implemented numerous large and small projects together. NTS deals with:
Measurement and pipeline documentation
Transportation planning
Transport technology
Settlement water management,
Urban and land use planning
Landscape architecture
and the company is situated in the M√ľnster city.

As a service partner of Moskito, the engineering office Lehmann from Bielefeld offers services, data acquisition and training on all aspects of Moskito GIS.

For several years the engineering office from the Heidelberg cooperates with the company Moskito together in developing the applications of water, sewerage and InfraCal. The IB Schulz uses the Moskito itself and give services to numerous municipalities and associations.

The Widemann System company is our partner for integrating Moskito into the CAD world.

The companies CISS TDI and Moskito GIS have developed and sell a NAS / ALKIS converter.

Together with the Softtech company, we have developed the Moskito GIS NASreader for the Softtech-Produkt SPIRIT, hence users get quick access to the cadastral data.

GISCON Dortmund decreed the main products proBaum and proForst over a closed portfolio in the field of forest management. These products are linked to Moskito GIS. This integrated solution offers the user, among other advantages a redundancy-free data storage and extensive automation in the GIS area.


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