Documentation online

All handbooks are available online in HTML format. The handbooks can also be installed locally as windows help via the product setup.



Service Contact

We want to give our customers a special good service. Therefore, every user can report error messages, regardless to the type of products.

Telephone support: 0231-93341-0

Monday to Thursday 9:00–12:30, 14:00–16:30
Friday 9:00–12:30

Email support:

A maintenance contract is required.

For registered users a ticket system is available to report problems.


Fernwartungs Tool Teamviewer


Solve problems without local service?

In this case, please contact the service hotline and download the TeamViewer app.


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Technology News

Our Technology News provides regularly new information on updates and services concerning the Moskito GIS products.

Update Info

Here you will find the latest information on the updates.

Version status

Products First release Status History Innovations Last service release
Moskito GIS 6.4 21.8.2014 Productive     6.40.434 (23.05.2024)
acadALKIS 6.4 21.8.2014 Productive     6.40.434 (23.05.2024)
DXF Geodat   Productive     6.40.434 (23.05.2024)
Moskito GIS 6.49   Development     6.49.62 (07.06.2017)